Overhaul of equipment within the Coal Mill no. 1 and within Coal Drier no. 1

Grupa Ożarów S.A.


Overhaul of equipment within the Coal Mill no. 1 and within Coal Drier no. 1



Grupa Ożarów S.A.

Grupa Ożarów SA (formerly Cementownia Ożarów) has been operating on the construction material market for 40 years and offers a wide range of high quality cements. Since 1995 it belongs to the international concern CRH plc, one of the largest producers of construction materials in the world (production in over 2,100 plants in 25 countries).


- overhaul and modernization of technological lines and equipment according to customer’s assumptions or with technical support


Construction industry

Project engineer

Emil Klimek
(+48) 696 766 322

"We carried out the overhaul using our own manpower and technical resources. The implementation of the project required the involvement of over 20 qualified employees. All works were carried out in accordance with current health and safety regulations and were carried out within a time limit set by the customer - less than 3 weeks."


  • overhaul of equipment in Coal Mill no. 1 and within Coal Drier no. 1
  • replacement of a 3-ton actuator used for rotating the mill bowl, with limited work space
  • organization of shift work involving a large number of employees


  • overhaul of the coal mill and replacing mill rollers
  • overhaul of the exhaust fan at the mill
  • overhaul of cement dryer and cement feeder
  • overhaul of belt conveyors with modernization of tension
  • replacement of the actuator: diameter Ø1,000 mm, L-3,000 mm


  • enabling failure-free operation for the next production cycle lasting 10 months
  • increasing machine operation safety
  • increasing production output and quality of the cement produced
  • shortening the time necessary for machine maintenance

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