Overhaul of electrostatic precipitators and bag filter

Kghm Polska Miedź S.A.


Overhaul of electrostatic precipitators and bag filter



Kghm Polska Miedź S.A.

A global leader in mining and processing of precious metals. The plant focuses on demanding mining and steel business. Know-how and cooperation are business pillars on which KGHM has been building its leading position in the production of copper and silver for 50 years. It occupies the eighth position in the world in terms of copper exploitation resources. It operates on three continents.


- overhaul and modernization according to the customer’s assumptions
- project and construction of technological lines and equipment
- production of spare parts


Chemical industry

Project engineer

Marcin Czarnota
(+48) 604 627 920

"A difficult project, implemented in a complex environment, requiring perfect logistic and systematic organization and working in stages. Due to the type of construction of the overhauled facility navigating around the object was difficult. It was necessary to pay special attention to health & safety of all people working on the task."


  • overhaul of flue gas desulfurization filter no. 3
  • safe work at heights of up to 35 m
  • particularly demanding working conditions (strongly caustic, polluted environment)
  • complicated housing and construction of the filter


  • project and installation of a pulsating, self-cleaning filter with vertical bags


  • reduction of dust emission to the atmosphere by 20,000 kg/year, reduction of dust in flue gas below 50 mg/Nmᶾ
  • designed system does not require service during normal operation and operated automatically, regardless of the temperature of the flue gas behind the boiler

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