Modernization of fluidized-bed boiler

Heat engineering company in the opole region


Modernization of fluidized-bed boiler



Heat engineering company in the opole region

ECO Group specializes in generating, transmitting, distributing and sale of electricity and heat. The Group provides services in ten provinces in southwest Poland. The company has its own generation resources. All processes undergo strict technological regulations.


Power engineering:
- overhaul and modernization
- electrical network installation projects
- production of spare parts


District heating

Project engineer

Emil Klimek
(+48) 696 766 322

"The project required close cooperation with the customer at every stage of implementation and adapting to the strict regulations of the facility. Short completion time and the complex organizational structure of the recipient required a great deal of attention to detail, efficient flow of information, documents and approvals."


  • project and implementation of a solution to modernize the boiler dust extraction system and reduce the amount of dust in flue gas to below 100 mg/Nmᶾ
  • building aluminium thermal shield for the installation
  • connecting the new dust extraction system with the existing control system and boiler control
  • meeting strict health and safety requirements


  • project and installation of a pulsating, self-cleaning filter with vertical bags


  • reduction of dust emission to the atmosphere by 20,000 kg/year, reduction of dust in flue gas to below 50 mg/Nmᶾ
  • the designed system does not require service during normal operation and operates automatically, regardless of the temperature of the flue gas behind the boiler

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