Flue gas duct replacement

Grupa Ożarów S.A.


Flue gas duct replacement



Grupa Ożarów S.A.

Grupa Ożarów SA (formerly Cementownia Ożarów) has been operating on the construction material market for 40 years and offers a wide range of high quality cements. Since 1995 it belongs to the international concern CRH plc, one of the largest producers of construction materials in the world (production in over 2,100 plants in 25 countries).


- overhauls and modernization of technological lines and equipment according to the customer’s assumptions or with technical support (audit)
- projects and construction of technological lines and devices
- production of technological equipment and spare parts


Construction industry

Project engineer

Emil Klimek
(+48) 696 766 322

"The works were carried out in an active production plant in adverse winter weather conditions and required the place to be properly secured. The investment required a quick and efficient replacement of the canal during the overhaul period of less than 4 weeks. "


  • replacement of the flue gas duct between the exhaust fan and the chimney H = 300 m and duct assembly at a height of 4.5-20 m above the ground level
  • enabling more efficient car traffic on the customer’s premises and eliminating troublesome detour around the chimney
  • carrying out works in a small area with a working production plant


  • disassembly of the existing, corroded flue gas duct and thermal insulation together with its utilization
  • assembly of a new flue gas duct with a circular cross-section of Ø4000 mm, with a new chimney fan at a height of 20 m and placing the flue duct on a new support structure at a height of 4.5 m
  • construction of a new asphalt road under the newly built flue gas duct


  • enabling traffic of loading cars under the duct and reducing time of car travel between the warehouse and the entrance gate
  • extending the service life and ensuring failure-free operation of the flue gas extraction system - the estimated service life without overhaul is 10 years
  • less frequent inspections of the duct’s technical condition and its wear
  • all health and safety requirements have been met – to protect the operators from burning thermal insulation of the flue gas duct was installed
  • achieving the desired aesthetic result and improving the image of the plant

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