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Konrem MET
KONREM MET is a modern and responsible company offering services for the industry. We supervise our projects starting from the customer’s inquiry to the project’s implementation.

We work for demanding industries by providing dedicated solutions with dedicated customer support. We act responsibly and quickly. We are open to cooperation and customers' needs. We constantly monitor the entire process, providing support at every stage of implementation. Our deep understanding of our work results from our experience, skills and competence of the company, appropriate resources, the approach to the customer and their problems.

We work until everything is done!


Timeline - Konrem MET

The values we follow in KONREM MET reflect our approach to work

  • Cooperation

    • we are focused on action
    • we react quickly
    • we are always available
    • we go the extra mile
    • we are flexible in adjusting to the customer’s approach and processes
  • Reliability

    • each of our projects has a dedicated Implementation Supervisor overseeing the works
    • we always act in accordance with our work system aimed at maximizing customer support
    • we exceed expectations
  • Quality

    • we provide the highest quality services
    • we monitor the project implementation
    • we keep our promises
  • Experience

    • experience and competence of our employees ensure quality service
    • we share knowledge - we have an original knowledge transfer program guaranteeing the same level of competence - both for employees with many years of experience and those who take the first steps in the industry
  • Transparency

    • we provide all documents in forms that are convenient to the customer
    • we are transparent and we follow clear rules of cooperation
  • Loyalty

    • we always meet our targets
    • you can rely on us

Out philosophy

Overhauls, modernizations or investments in new technologies are opportunities to improve the reliability of installations and processes for companies regardless of the industry in which they operate. Every successful modernization or investment in a production line brings great opportunities:

  • increased efficiency
  • lowering the costs
  • increase in production capacity
  • applying new solutions and technologies
  • increased environment protection

We assist our customers in taking full advantage of this potential. Through our activities we deliver tangible benefits.

Out philosophy

We place importance on monitoring our projects at every stage of their implementation. Our know-how results from our experience, skills and competence of the company, appropriate resources, approach to the customer and their problems. Therefore in our projects we concentrate on transparent and effective cooperation with the customer.

How we work

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