Conveyors are transport devices used in many industries, including construction, food, chemical, metallurgical and mining. Thanks to them, it is possible to relocate various loose, heavy and hot materials within one or more plants.

The offer of Konrem Met includes several types of conveyors in various configurations. Many years of experience allows us to build complete lines that will work with virtually every type of product. The solutions we propose help reduce the costs of transporting goods and ensure the continuity of deliveries. We design all projects individually and adapt them to the needs and requirements of the client.

  • conveyor belts: troughed, flat, angled, curved, plate, threshold, pocket, with mesh belt, mobile and rotational conveyors for transporting all kinds of materials: carbon steel, carbon steel with zinc coating, stainless steel (depending on working conditions and customer’s needs)
  • roller conveyors for transporting packed materials, e. g. bags, boxes, cartons, as well as all types of boards, pallets, etc.
  • plate conveyors for transporting heavy materials
  • dosing systems for loose materials
  • knife gate valves with manual, electric or pneumatic drive
  • vibration conveyor
  • roller turntables for transport systems with roller conveyors enabling change of transport direction
  • screw conveyors for transporting loose materials, trough or pipe conveyors as well as transport screws or dosing screws
  • bucket conveyors for transporting loose materials; material: carbon steel, carbon steel with zinc coating, stainless steel and conveyors with plastic buckets for special applications
  • chain conveyor
  • transport lines consisting of a conveyor system, transfers, etc.
  • chamber dispenser for loose materials

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